Wimbledon left many a tennis fan breathless this year. A furious back and forth between tennis champions brought many to their feet in the final moments of matches, but only one can step off the clay a champion. After the dust settled on Wimbledon 2015, several surprise names were left standing.

Facing well-known tennis champ Roger Federer is no small challenge. However, Novak Djokovic was more than able to meet the obstacle. Crushing his opposition during the games, Djokovic carried an unprecedented 48-3 by Slam’s end. Slated to win the upcoming U.S. Open, Novak is the odds on favorite to win in the men’s category. The former 2014 champion, Rafael Nadal, struggled early in the game, ultimately being knocked out early. Though many point to his injury as the cause of his struggle, analysts found that his lack of confidence and technical skill was his downfall.

The women’s side saw the return of powerhouse, Serena Williams, and another triumphant win in her long list of victories. The holder of all four tennis Grand Slams for the second time, Serena is the Wimbledon 2015 women’s champion. On the heels of her victory, however, came a series of biting remarks about the champion. Decrying her technique and physique as “belonging to a man,” former tennis champion Martina Navratilova came to the champions defense, stating “Serena is built like a man? I don’t think so. She has the curves of a woman. Her strength seems to have become an issue as she is perhaps, the most powerful tennis player.” With more than double her closest rival’s points, Serena is the top-ranked player ever.

Wimbledon may be over, but tennis fans are still buzzing over the action. Champions from all around the world are preparing for the next great tournament, and the final chance to prove themselves at the U.S. Open. In a few weeks, the courts will open, and heads will roll.