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Tennis elbow has plagued tennis players for years, but you don’t necessarily need to be an enthusiast of the sport to develop the condition. Tennis elbow, or Lateral Epicondylitis, is caused by the tearing of the tendons around the elbow and not enough recovery time following the tear. Since tendons do not receive a lot of blood flow, the recovery time is much longer than with a muscle tear.

This condition typically affects those who rely on their wrist, arm, and elbow to complete a regular activity, such as tennis players, golfers, bowlers, assembly line workers, and housekeepers. Tennis elbow can be quite painful, but there are many actions you can take to alleviate the pain.


Learn Better Techniques

Though it can develop in many people who aren’t tennis athletes, if you have tennis elbow and do play tennis, it’s time to develop the way you play. Make sure your technique is strong by consulting a tennis instructor or personal trainer, who will be able to tell you if you need to revise your game.


Improve Blood Flow

Since the tendons do not receive good blood flow, it’s a good idea to receive a massage to increase blood flow and speed up healing time. Having a deep tissue massage can also break up the scar tissue around the tendon, which will allow the area to recover faster. Try to find a massage therapist who has experience and knowledge in working with this specific condition.


Invest in an Elbow Strap

Elbow straps relieve some of the tension and pain by providing a counter-force on the lateral epicondyle, allowing the wearer to have a better grip during their activities. Tennis elbow makes squeezing and gripping actions very painful, and an elbow strap will minimize this pain, allowing you to get back to the activities you love.


Warm Up and Stretch

Before you hit the court, make sure to warm up your muscles properly. Warming up the muscles around the affected area will help prevent further injury and will increase blood flow to the area. After you’re finished, remember to stretch properly using these stretches that are known to help tennis elbow.


Whether your tennis elbow was caused by your favorite sport or it’s a result of doing your job, if you take these steps it will help the tendons in your arm heal and ensure that you reduce the risk of injury in the future.