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As a leading professional in the healthcare industries, Terry Newmyer recognizes how important it is to be active and healthy. One of Terry’s favorite sports is tennis, and he can regularly be seen at matches around the country. Terry Newmyer started his career and spent much of his time in the healthcare industry and knows the importance of living an active lifestyle. One of his greatest passions in life is helping communities and individuals that are less fortunate through philanthropy and fundraising. During Terry’s career in the medical field, he decided to combine his two favorite pastimes, philanthropy and tennis. It was then that the idea for the Volley in the Valley Tournament was born. Terry has been involved with through his leadership as founder for the Volley in the Valley Tennis Tournament when he was the President and CEO of a California hospital.

Volley in the Valley Tournament

Terry’s launch of the Volley in the Valley Tennis Tournament led to great success. The tournament revenue has provided a half million dollars for St. Helena Hospital and the Adventist Heart Institute. It was Terry’s love for the sport and his passion for St. Helena Hospital that made this event a reality. Terry Newmyer credits the ongoing success of the tournament to the exceptional inspiration of leaders like Fred Miller and Stephen Lundin. Also, according to Terry the amazing support of many volunteers fuels the passion of the event. At the 2-day tournament, participants play four doubles Round Robin tournaments, three tennis skill games, and enjoy dinner and an awards ceremony at the Napa Valley Reserve. In 2013, top-rated UC Berkeley collegiate tennis players participated in the fundraising by playing a high-level match in front of the enthusiastic audience. Past key speakers for the celebration dinners included such personalities as Peter Magowan, a former San Francisco Giants’ president, Dr. Gan Dunnington, a  cardiothoracic surgeon, tennis pro-Brad Gilbert, and NFL star Ronnie Lott. Funds from the tournament are used to purchase equipment, technology, and support various programs used to improve the community’s heart health services. Terry Newmyer finds great joy in associating with his friends and family.  From his work within hospitals and healthcare systems, he has seen people who struggle due to lack of exercise and poor lifestyle and attempts to remind people of their health through events like the Volley in the Valley Tennis Tournament. Terry continues to be an advocate for tennis players ranging from beginners to professionals and believes having a passion for a sport or a favorite physical activity is useful for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Check out the video for the Heart Healthy Tennis Tournament below!